Custom foam engineering for complete protection

The facts

  • Custom-made cushioning for any component

  • Temperature and water-resistant foam

  • Branded foam available

Opening a case to find your products damaged beyond repair, and opening a case and being able to use your equipment right away. Often, the difference between these scenarios can be something as seemingly simple as foam.

No matter how sturdy your protective case or container may be, if you have foam inserts that don’t fit your goods, they can easily be damaged. Our custom-made foam inserts are the answer, making certain your products fit snuggly and don’t move an inch.

We design, develop and manufacture foam support to order, primarily using plastazote foam, which is lightweight and flexible, yet resilient. It can also withstand a wide range of temperatures, is resistant to water and doesn’t react with chemicals. All this means there are no nasty surprises when you open that case up.

We even have special anti-static and conductive foams for transporting and storing static-sensitive components. We really do think of everything.

How practice makes perfect

We’ve been helping businesses like yours to protect their products for over 50 years. In that time, we’ve helped high-value cameras, testing equipment for fighter jets and even French Gendarmerie grenades reach their destinations safely.

Since no two projects are the same, the first thing we’ll do is listen carefully as you tell us about your products, where you’re taking them and how you’re getting them there. What the foam part of the solution looks like all depends upon the mass of your components and the maximum g-force they’ll be subjected to. Once we know that, we figure out the best type of foam, how thick it should be and, of course, the shape that will house each of your components.

The result is far from spectacular. The result is just your equipment working as it should.

More than protection

Making sure your equipment or products are 100% undamaged will always be our priority – which is why we’ve devoted such time and expertise into our foam engineering processes. But we recognise that appearance and convenience are also important to you. That’s why we offer customised options for branding and foam configurations.

It could be that you use our cases to display your items at trade fairs and want foam featuring your logo and brand colours. Or maybe you have unique usability needs, preferring something like the cases that help surgeons locate their life-saving equipment in seconds. Simply tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.

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