Customisable edge wheels, wheelboards & interstackers

The facts

  • Tough rotomoulded polyethylene

  • Can be added to Amazon cases and 19-inch racks

  • Makes transportation easy 

At CP Cases, practicality and protection are essential. This is why our optional product customisations are designed to make your life easier and make transportation of expensive, vital equipment a breeze. Our edge wheels, wheelboards and interstackers can be added to Amazon racks and protective cases, to transform the storage and transportation of both your electronics and tools. 

Edge wheels for electronics

Being able to quickly and easily pack up and go is important to so many of our clients. We can install edge wheels on many of our protective cases, so that when you’re done, you can turn the case on its side and pull using the handle to transport it. This doesn’t add extra bulk or weight to the case, meaning you can easily turn it on its side to access the contents. 

All of our edge wheels are quiet and glide easily, with a simple-to-use handle. At CP Cases, all of our products prioritise ease. 

Innovative wheelboards

Got a heavier load? Transporting your essential heavy equipment doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Our Amazon wheelboards are capable of carrying loads of 250kg (500lb). The tough rotomoulded wheelboard remains lightweight but durable enough to transport your equipment around the world and in all environments. 

Designed to work with our clever interstacker, we can also reverse the wheelboard so that it can fit our racks and cases. And we can customise further by adding a handgrip to allow easy transportation as well as linking straps to secure racks. 

Convenient interstackers 

Our innovative interstacker allows you to keep all of your Amazon racks and cases in one place. The construction enables 19-inch racks to be stacked on top of cases and vice versa. Rotomoulded from polyethylene for strength, the interstacker is corrosion-proof and resistant to solvents and acids.

Our wheelboard can easily be added onto your interstacker, making it easy to transport and store your vital electronics and equipment in one place.

Whether you work in the military, medical or broadcast industries, our transportation solutions keep your equipment safe and accessible, so you can focus on the job at hand. 

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