EasyGlide slide-out chassis

The facts

  • 360° access to electronics

  • Completely removable chassis

  • Marries convenience with protection

Need 360° access to your electronic equipment without compromising on protection? Our EasyGlide chassis is here to save you a lot of headaches. 

When storing your electronics in our 19-inch racks, you benefit from unparalleled durability and protection, with anti-vibration technology working hard during transportation. However, in industries such as broadcasting, you often require access to electronics with important buttons, switches and cables needed for the day-to-day job. At CP Cases, we’ve designed the perfect solution: the EasyGlide chassis. 

The removable chassis allows you to simply pull out the electronics from the rack to have all-around access to your gear or swap out any components. This is ideal for those constricted spaces or semi-permanent locations.

This innovative EasyGlide chassis includes top, bottom and side support, Teflon-coated slides and a self-anchoring internal frame system. So you can enjoy both convenience and durability. 

Made for your unique needs

No matter your industry – military to telecommunications and everything in between – you might need regular access to expensive electronics to get your job done. Whether you’ve got large desktops or even portable CCTV systems, we can design a bespoke EasyGlide chassis to work with your requirements.

Your electronics just became more portable than ever, with an easy slide-out solution that allows you to access important components, whatever the location. At CP Cases, it's our priority to ensure that your equipment is protected but also practical. Essentially, it's our job to make yours easier. 

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