Earthing customisations for your electronics

The facts:

  • Anti-static foam protects electronics 

  • Grounding straps for racks

  • Prevent the devastating effects of electrostatic discharge

Whether you work in the commercial or military industry, your electronics are an essential part of your role. From providing valuable, life-saving intel when working in the field, to broadcasting in remote locations for TV. 

Unfortunately, electronics face a dire threat during storage and transportation: electrostatic discharge. 

This is the transfer of electricity between two electrically charged objects. You’ve likely experienced this first-hand when receiving a shock after touching a metal door handle, for example.

However, when this happens to our electronics, it can cause static damage that leads the technology to fail. This absolutely cannot happen when you rely on your expensive electronics on the job. 

The cost of replacing these electronics (hard drives, processing units, LEDs and more) can easily run into the thousands. We’re here to save you money and protect your electronics.

Grounding during transit and storage

At CP Cases, we can provide various solutions, depending on your unique needs. For example, our ERack can be fitted with an earthing/grounding strap to maintain conductivity between the equipment and the outer container. This is ideal for military electronics as the ERack protects against vibration and impact, whilst remaining lightweight and portable. 

Another solution comes in the form of anti-static foam. Our foam inserts provide vital protection for your goods, being cut specifically for your equipment. However, electronics such as hard drives and LEDs require anti-static foam to not only protect them, but also prevent electrostatic discharge.

This intelligent foam is made using open-cell polyurethane with special chemicals that include an anti-static agent. Not only are instances of static discharge prevented, but the clever foam gives any potential electrical charges a path away from the packaging. 

Lightweight but tough, our anti-static foam has saved businesses untold amounts of money, protecting expensive electronics from both static failure and the threat of impacts. 

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