Branding for protective cases, racks and enclosures

The facts

  • Cases, racks, bags and more can be branded

  • Options include screen-printed, etched or engraved branding

  • Customised solutions for a professional finish

Protection is our priority. 

And that’s why our range of cases, racks, enclosures and other products is entirely customisable. We know that only a precise fit with your equipment offers complete protection.

But we also know that appearance is important. When you’re taking your goods here, there and everywhere, it only makes sense if your brand also benefits from that exposure. Even the most fleeting glimpse of your brand name contributes to valuable brand awareness.

Plus, if you’re using your cases or racks at trade fairs or conventions, they need to look the part. We can apply your brand logo or brand colours to almost any product.

Getting your name out there

We apply the same care to your branding as we do to our expertly engineered protective products. The result is cases, racks, bags and more that look just as good as the protection they give your equipment.

The type of branding applied depends upon the materials used in your protective product and how you’ll use it. Our experienced team will advise you on the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

For instance, we can apply screen-printed, etched or engraved labels to cases manufactured in laminated plywood, aluminium and plastics. Or you can apply screen-printed or cut vinyl branding directly to your case.

Your bags and textile items, meanwhile, will have your brand name embroidered or screen-printed. Even shoulder straps on bags can be branded: we can weave your brand name or logo into them. Our skilled team can also emboss, stamp, stencil or barcode your branding onto items.

And we can also provide branded foam for case interiors. So once your goods have safely reached their destination with the help of our precision engineering, you can proudly display them alongside your logo and brand colours.

Branding options as unique as your business

Complete customisation is behind everything we do. We firmly believe that you should be able to get products that perfectly fit your requirements.

So no matter what kind of branding you need for your transportation gear, speak to us and we’ll make it happen.

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies: take a look at our case studies.