Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with deployable transport case metal-bedx1200

All in one case to deploy, assemble and pilot a UAV

A UAV manufacturer specializing in supplying hi-tech devices for the Defense market approached CP Cases concerning a mid-range portable UAV for field deployment.

The UAV is a small fixed wing aerial drone with a wing configuration which is designed to provide the best performance when employed for patrol, surveillance,  aerial-observation and reconnaissance missions.

The Project

CP Cases were to provide a transport case that safely stowed all component parts in a single unit so the UAV could easily and simply be deployable and operational on demand.

The ruggedized case had to include a working table that could be extended to operational height for assembly of the unit and it has to adhere to military standards.

Job Details

The Solution

The solution was to provide an Amazon Case with a shallow base and lockable table which contained the fuselage  – the device could easily fold back on itself much like a scissor lift mechanism. CP Cases’ designed an aluminum box section for the table and legs that helped ensure the table frame was rigid for all types of terrain.

CP Cases’ designers also needed to consider payloads as well as designing the most efficient storage of the device – the detachable wings, for example, were housed in the deep box lid and secured with engineered and precision cut foam.

Cables and electronic accessories are kept in a secure pouch also in the Amazon Case lid. The specification accounted for safe transport, secure storage and quick field deployment – Amazon Cases meet MIL STD 810 and are ingress protection rated IP65 and so was the perfect solution for the application.

Products Used


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