Remote medical device storage and transportation

Stryker Corporation is a leader in the worldwide orthopaedic market and is one of the world’s largest medical device companies. Stryker delivers results through a wide range of capabilities including joint replacements, trauma, spine and micro implant systems, orthobiologics, powered surgical instruments, surgical navigation systems, endoscopic products as well as patient handling and emergency medical equipment.

Stryker manufactures orthopaedic implants for trauma. The volume of implants designed for the human body is vast, which includes size variations based on the dimensions of individual patients.

The Challenge

Surgeons would traditionally have pre-ordered parts for operations based on individual requirements, however this would not allow for “on the spot changes” in requirements or to fix unforeseen problems.

Stryker  developed a system to allow surgeons to access the full suite of parts required for an operation allowing them to choose the parts on location and to change or request new parts without delays. This system means changes could be made during surgery and would only require surgical nurses to leave the OR to obtain the new part.

Achieving this goal would increase operation efficiency to help patient recovery, and surgeons could make better decisions on what was required. It would also allow Stryker to increase sales and for hospitals to reduce costs as they would only be billed for what was used.

Job Details

The Solution

Each case required a combination of drawer systems, plastic welded dividers and CNC routed foam partitions. The internals of  which included the use of a complex plastic frame using 3mm High Density Polypropylene (HDPE), a hard wearing and rigid material, strong enough to support the varying degrees of weight.

CP Cases carefully compiled and measured the sub-components for each trolley and surgical parts.  This resulted in the development of  a range of customised cases designed to not only house all of these parts but to also ensure they were visible, easy to locate and could be readily transported in and out of theatre.

Products Used


Case Studies

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