How to ship high value equipment: A complete guide

At CP Cases we supply specialist protective gear across a huge range of industries, and the one thing that they all have in common is that they use highly specialised, sensitive and fragile equipment. From the medical and defence sectors to the broadcasting industry, only the most precisely designed and robustly constructed protection can ensure the consistent high performance of equipment in all settings. 

However, the valuable and fragile nature of this equipment means that moving it around the world becomes a major logistical challenge. Here we explain exactly what you need to know and consider when shipping high-value equipment across the globe. 

What can go wrong when shipping high-value equipment?

There are a number of different types of transit damage that can occur when high-value equipment is on the move. As soon as the product leaves your possession and is in the hands of the company shipping it, you need to know that it is sufficiently protected against any of these.

Having tailor-made protective cases, climate control units and specialised packaging in place can ensure that your equipment is protected from all of the above, completely sealed in its own microclimate. 

Understanding the right type of protective casing for your equipment

We manufacture a huge range of protective cases, some of which come in standard sizes but many of which are designed to specification to meet exact requirements. This can make all the difference in keeping your equipment protected. 

Opting for aluminium casing can be an effective way to keep costs down if you are transporting something long-distance, but this does not necessarily apply for all types of equipment and some may require heavier casing. 

Using inner foam to protect your equipment

Foam insert protection is the last line of defence for your equipment if the outside of a case is damaged. Used correctly, it completely isolates the item inside the case, protecting it from a collision with other objects in the same case and insulating it even the smallest vibrations or larger impacts such as that of the case being dropped. These types of outside impacts can damage sensitive equipment beyond repair, so simply placing it inside a case is not enough. 

High-quality foam inserts can cope with repeated impact, are rigid enough to fully protect equipment and are soft enough to cushion it. It is also crucial that the foam can be precisely shaped to support every part of the equipment, and that any adverse effect on the equipment such as discolouration is not a possibility. 

How to plan for successful shipping of equipment

In addition to the above, there are several practical steps that you can take in order to ensure that equipment is more likely to arrive at its destination in full working order.

Speak to us today about protecting your equipment

As a renowned worldwide name with over 50 years of experience in the industry, we understand your equipment protection needs and are able to offer unrivalled casing wherever you are shipping it – giving you complete peace of mind. Contact our friendly team by calling 020 8568 1881 and we will be glad to discuss what would best suit your requirements.

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