A case….but not just any case

You may think a case is just a case. But if you take a look beneath the surface, it becomes a whole lot more complex; protective casing in particular.

When looking to shield essential and valuable equipment the importance of a case takes us to a new level. Take, for example, the need to transport a highly prized bike on a round trip of 10,000 miles for a world record time trial or the field deployment of a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) for reconnaissance sorties or the protection of the infamous Ashes urn. The difference between each application is huge however the overall requirements of the clients are the same. Secure storage, safe transportation and deployable or operational on arrival.


The perfect formula for protective casing


Protective cases can be manufactured using many different materials; rotomoulded or injection moulded polyethylene polymer, aluminium, plywood or a super lightweight honeycomb polypropylene, each to fulfil different or specific requirements. The decision which material to use is driven by many factors such as payload, terrain, portability and handling – military applications encounter some of the most extreme environments and they typically use rotomoulded or Amazon Cases because they are accredited to military standards (MIL-STD 810). A newly designed super lightweight case, AirShip, allows ease of portability and has some incredible weight to volume ratios, perfect where weight limits are vital.

As for internal protection and supporting the equipment itself, the large majority of cases will include some degree of custom design foam. The selection of appropriate foam types and densities is critical in ensuring the safety of the case contents.

In addition, some designs have also included complete drawer units, dividers or partitions – all custom made for each individual customer requirement. In the example referred to earlier, the deployable UAV has a scissor lift mechanism fitted to the case that provides a platform for assembly. We have a complete array of customer testimonials or you can refer to the product pages for more details.

It is reassuring to know that by choosing a market-leading manufacturer like us, you are also gaining decades of manufacturing experience. Together with associated accreditations and patents that exist today. If that isn’t enough to go by, our stats and facts are also impressive:


We use only the very best raw materials and adheres to the most stringent standards. Applying first-class design and workmanship to our manufacturing expertise.

To see the complete range of protective cases available from CP Cases follow this link.

For information about the cases that are accredited MIL-STD and IP65 please contact us.

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