CP Cases goes green with Solar PV installation

Last month 360m2 of solar PV panels were installed on the roofing of all three of our factory units.

This includes maximum coverage on Units 6 and 11, and a strip of panels on Unit 10. Skylights on this roof made it unsuitable for complete coverage.

The roofing on Units 6 and 11 are inclined at 20 degrees, and orientated in a north south strike, perfect for capturing maximum sunlight at our latitude.

We contracted Ivy Solar to oversee and manage this project - installing a Solar PV system to generate approximately 125kWh of renewable energy.

The system has two separate PV arrays across Unit 6 and Unit10/11. In total this includes 350 Trina NEG9R.28 440W solar panels linked via two SMA X25 inverters.

This captures and distributes green energy to our high consumption machinery – situated in our rotomoulding production Unit 6 and manufacturing areas in Unit 11.  All spare electricity is assigned to lighting and other electricity usage throughout the rest of the factory. 

For the majority of the year, we will achieve full electricity self-sufficiency and can even sell our excess electricity back to the grid.

What are the benefits of installing solar PV for our factory?

Energy security – If the UK experiences problems with energy supply and even blackouts, our will largely be able to function as normal.

Cost saving – After the initial investment in the technology, our bills are slashed. Harnessing energy from the sun is free, so our electricity bills will be minimal moving forward.

NetZero – The UN has said that the world needs to slow global warming to 1.5° C by 2050 to avoid the more devastating effects of climate change. By replacing our use of fossil fuels with renewable energy we can play our part and take responsibility for the electricity we consume.