What are the advantages of aluminium camera cases?

For those using and transporting highly valuable camera and broadcasting equipment, it‘s essential to have a protective case. If not, you leave your equipment vulnerable to getting broken. An aluminium camera case such as those stocked by CP Cases can help those who use this kind of equipment to feel far more confident that it is safe.

What are aluminium camera cases?

Aluminium camera cases are protective cases used to keep camera equipment safe and protected, particularly when in transit. For many photographers, filmmakers and broadcasters, the camera case is almost as important as the camera itself. It protects their valuable and expensive tools from damage and allows them to undertake projects in lots of different locations without worrying about their cameras.

How are aluminium camera cases made?

The best aluminium camera cases are made by welding the metal rather than riveting it, which creates a much stronger structure without any weak points. They are often also designed to have rounded edges, in order to further increase the strength of the structure, and also to make them safer to handle. The custom foam inserts inside, which keep the case’s contents in place, are bespoke and made to fit the exact shape of the equipment you are trying to store, and are engineered by specialists to be resistant to shock, fire and more.

What are the advantages of aluminium camera cases?

Having been a material choice for building air and spacecraft components, as well as power lines, and many common household appliances, it is unsurprising that aluminium also works extremely well for making protective cases. These cases are precisely designed to be highly effective and functional. Here are some of the benefits of aluminium camera cases:

  • Aluminium is strong and light, meaning that cases made of this metal can be extremely tough and difficult to damage, while also being light enough to carry and transport easily.
  • Aluminium is also non-corrosive and resistant to extreme temperatures, meaning that aluminium camera cases can be used to protect camera equipment even in challenging conditions.
  • These cases are extremely tough and trauma resistant, meaning that they are extremely difficult to dent or damage, and can act as a shield for the delicate items inside. They are also fully impermeable and waterproof.
  • Inside an aluminium camera case is a custom foam insert, specifically designed for maximum protection, into which the contents of the case can be inserted in order to prevent it from falling about inside and getting damaged.
  • All aluminium can be entirely recycled, reducing negative environmental impacts.

Why are aluminium camera cases useful in the broadcast industry?

The tough, climate-resistant nature of aluminium means that an aluminium camera case can be used to transport filming and broadcasting equipment even when conditions are extremely harsh. This is very useful when broadcasters want to travel to remote locations where conditions are challenging, and means that their cameras are kept safe from water damage. This is clearly very important, since many parties within the broadcast industry work on an international basis, and need to be able to reach a huge variety of locations without concerns for the safety of their cameras and equipment. 

The broadcast industry uses a lot of complex, delicate and unusual kinds of equipment, many of which will have been custom-made and be expensive and difficult to replace. It’s therefore extremely important to ensure that they are stored and protected carefully, especially when they are being transported across the world. The ability to have bespoke foam inserts created, which perfectly fit to the contours of the equipment, providing the most secure storage possible, is therefore extremely valuable. CP Cases’ range of aluminium camera cases and camera rain covers will keep your equipment protected at all times, even in challenging conditions.