Showcasing the new ERV3 at DSEI & IBC 2020

Preview of the new innovative ERV3 at DSEI & IBC 2020


For many years, customers have relied on our innovative ERacks for protection, transport and storage of valuable 19” rack-mount electronics.  Our engineers are continually striving to improve this lightweight ruggedised 19” transit cases. We are now proud to preview the ERV3 at DSEI & IBC this year (2020).

The worthy successor to our previous ERack design, now over 10 years old; with many thousands in use all around the world.

The innovative ERV3 design is extraordinarily lightweight, with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Lids are press formed to give stiffness and enhanced rigidity as well as dimensional accuracy. CNC formed male/female extrusions which are bonded to the body and lids to ensure a perfect “mate”- providing the weatherproof silicone gasket with a repeatable compression set.

The newly designed rotary latch is simple and easy to use – even with gloved hands – and provides a simple functional closure that resists shock and vibration.

Optional large external rubber buffers give additional protection as well as a non-slip positive stacking feature – to cope with rough transport conditions. New elastomeric AVM design with improved sway space and greater elastomeric excursion gives enhanced protection against shock and vibration.

ERV3 enclosures incorporate the innovative lightweight CV2 high tensile extruded 19” chassis – designed to give torsional rigidity and stiffness when under severe loads. Resistant to shock, drop, impact, vibration, dust, and water, and certified to MIL-STD- 810G and IP66.

The new ERV3 model is the perfect 19” ruggedised enclosures for defence and commercial applications.


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