We have put together a small summary of what we learnt at the IBC Showcase, and the lead up to the event this year. With the ever-changing landscape pushing companies to have a great online presence – it was great to hone in on what our offering was for a digital world.



Planning ahead is always top of the list when in the lead up to an event – IBC’s Showcase was no different. The preparation and building of our profile took longer than expected and we needed to give ourselves a good amount of time to film our new promotional video (showcased at IBC). There was an Exhibitor’s Checklist to tick off one by one; making sure that we made the most of our profile which was a very helpful feature.

With that in mind, it was always good to check out the IBC Showcase Programmes page to see what other Exhibitors were up to. There was also innovative content to read from the IBC owners prepping us for the main event.



We weren’t there in physical form this year, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t stay updated with the show-goers. Social media is the new going out. Long debates, sharing our thoughts, starting conversations, or even just reading up on people’s thoughts was a good way to keep engaged with the virtual visitors (thinking back to the queues at the IBC Beach bars). You could also interact with the speakers and panellists – a wealth of talent at your fingertips.

The IBC Showcase or IBC365 also had a lot of information about what was going on (regularly updated), reviewing of sessions and the latest product news and launches; which helped keep the conversation going.



It is always good practice to showcase ‘new’ when attending an event. Whether it be new content, new brochures or more importantly new products. The IBC Showcase was a perfect opportunity to reveal a different aspect of CP Cases that hasn’t really been explored.

This included the new Printing Machine that we have in the factory. Holding all manufacturing stages in-house helps us cut down on lead time. This is definitely a feature that separates us from our competitors and we thought it was a perfect piece to shout about at IBC this year.

We also verified new products that our engineers have been hard at work developing. Including our Waterproof Camera Covers – perfect for OB Broadcasting companies. Our new innovative design for our ERack collection – the ERV3. And more sizes have been added to our 19” portable SatRack range.

For more information on our new sizes and products, visit our website or contact a member of our team on +44 (0)20 8568 1881 or info@cpcases.com.



IBC this year was a great opportunity to demonstrate what we can do digitally. Through videos, images and descriptive content, we were able to display our new products and the ethos of CP Cases through this more creative medium. The Broadcast industry predominantly have brighter coloured kit and covers to make the brand more recognisable. This works well for us because we have been able to display these different features bigger and brighter than before.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to view our new video, it is still present on the IBC website and is also on our YouTube channel.



The tenet that separates us from our competitors is our consistency and ability to provide mostly bespoke products. Customisation is becoming more and more prevalent but here at CP Cases we have been doing this for years – ahead of the curve, it would seem.

We took a personal approach with our marketing as well. This has been the first time in 27 years that CP Cases haven’t jumped on the plane to Amsterdam to enjoy IBC at the RAI. With this usually being such a momentous event in our calendar, we wanted to make sure we were targeting the people we are used to seeing year on year through our campaigns. We felt this has helped continue our company ethos through to online.


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