The facts

  • Guard against humidity and pressure changes

  • Venting that fits around EMI shielding

  • Set your own levels of humidity tolerance

Venting matters. There’s absolutely no point in wrapping your valuable goods or equipment up in tough cases or racks and then not providing them with proper ventilation. That’s a sure-fire way to ruin some products in particular.

For instance, imagine the effects of high humidity on sensitive broadcast or medical equipment. Even if your products aren’t going anywhere particularly exotic, humidity has a habit of finding its way into unventilated spaces.

But achieving proper ventilation can be tricky when you need to keep a perfect seal around products: to keep dust, water or some other threat out. 

And the seal itself can become compromised if there’s a large difference in pressure between the interior and exterior of your protective enclosure. Temperature or altitude changes can cause this.

But here’s the answer to both the problem of pressure differentials and the need for ventilation: specialised open venting systems and regulated pressure relief valves.

Smart ventilation

We let your travelling goods breathe. Opening venting systems and pressure relief valves are built into our protective product designs. That way, your goods are protected against the threat of impacts, environmental hazards like water or dust and the less obvious risk of inadequate ventilation.

To manage aggressive changes in pressure, the volume of the enclosure is calculated, and the appropriate valve(s) are positioned in the required locations to regulate air transmission. And when you need electromagnetic shielding, Faraday Cage principles are applied, adding an EMC screen into the venting or pressure relief system.

Controlling humidity means monitoring moisture with a humidity indicator, pre-set and colour-coded to various relative humidity levels. If the level of humidity rises above the pre-set level, a desiccant cartridge can be used to dry the space out. These cartridges can be replaced from the outside, which is an invaluable feature during long-term storage.

Better yet, we can fit our protective cases and racks with climate control systems. These COOL units provide cooling (or heating) when temperatures rise above (or drop below) a pre-set range.

In the protection business

For half a century, we’ve been making sure valuable goods get where you need them to be. Our customers operate in all kinds of markets, transporting (and storing) everything from delicate medical equipment and fragile broadcast gear to expensive military hardware.

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