Custom telescopic handles for cases

The facts:

  • Retractable handles for transportation

  • Makes moving heavy equipment easy

  • Comfortable handles

It’s been a long trip. You don’t need the anxiety of worrying about damage to your equipment. It’s delicate, expensive and difficult to replace.

Luckily, your equipment is safely stowed away in a specialised protective case. 

However, what if that protective case is awkward to handle when the trip has finally come to an end? You don’t need that either.

For easier handling, our telescopic handles make transporting heavy payloads hassle-free. They’re perfect for industries including the military, emergency services, medical, engineering, manufacturing and much more.

Protection and practicality are essential, which is why we offer bespoke solutions for the storage and transportation of your equipment. 

Easy transportation of cases and bags

Our protective cases can be fitted with wheels and telescopic handles that can be retracted as and when needed. This makes storage and transportation simple, no matter how heavy the payload is. It also means wheels and handles won’t be knocked off if your case gets knocked about.

We think about – and comprehensively test for – every eventuality.

The handles feature comfortable rubber grips to ease any friction on the hand. In markets such as the military and medicine, you may be transporting cases over a long distance, so making telescopic handles comfortable is key. 

We can also fit some of our rugged textiles with telescopic handles, ideal for transporting smaller bags on flights. Hop on, hop off, with your equipment safely in tow.

Moving heavy equipment doesn’t have to be a challenge thanks to our custom telescopic handles. 

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