Support rails, shelves & fixings

The facts

  • All kinds of extras can be fitted to products

  • Rails and shelves support heavy loads or added items

  • Many extras fit onto 19-inch racks

From cases to 19-inch racks, and enclosures to bags and more, we’ve spent years developing protective products for transportation and storage. Every part of those products has been comprehensively researched, expertly designed and rigorously tested. Many are even used by organisations like NATO.

But most projects involve us taking standard designs and adapting them to create bespoke solutions. Because that’s often what’s needed to secure your goods properly and precisely meet your requirements. We cover every angle and possibility to make certain your goods are in perfect working order when you open that protective case or rack up.

More than that though, your customised products are designed to make your operations run as smoothly as possible. That’s why we manufacture bespoke, made-to-measure accessories.

Support rails, shelves, spare fixings, storage pouches…these are just some of the extras we produce to help you get the most from your racks and other gear.

Racks to fit requirements

Our 19-inch racks are among our most popular products – and with good reason. They’re incredibly durable and resistant to impacts, but also lightweight, allowing businesses to easily transport goods inside them. 

But it’s not just collisions that they protect against. Many of them are IP65-rated for their water and dust resistance.

And if you need to safeguard your equipment against electromagnetic interference, turn to our ERack, as the Aircraft Carrier Alliance did. Or make sure your goods avoid damage in extreme climates by fitting air-cooling tech to your rack, which is exactly what the Swedish Armed Forces did.

As well as defying the elements, our racks are prized for their versatility. Products like the SatRack can be fitted with full-width shelves, for when heavy payloads need extra support. Or we can install hook-in, hook-out side support shelves for you.

Some companies want extra kit attached to their racks, which is where equipment panel fixing rails come in. For example, you might need rear rack rails for patch bays and hard wiring. And, of course, we also supply extra packs of rail fixings.

Even if you want drawers or keyboard trays fitting into your racks, we’ve got you covered. We take pride in our ability to customise products and give you exactly what you – and your goods – need. It’s all about smoothing your day-to-day business operations, in any way we can.

Take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve helped countless organisations.