EMC/EMI shielding protective skirts

The facts

  • Keep EMI out while maintaining usability

  • Completely customisable products

  • Resistance to EMC, impact, dust and water

When your business relies upon complicated, expensive electrical equipment, protective products for transportation are invaluable.

But if they’re not quite right, your equipment can easily be damaged beyond repair. That costs both money and time. It could even dent your company’s reputation if you can’t do business as usual and let customers down.

The problem is, damage to your equipment can come from many angles, particularly when that equipment is sensitive. In addition to impacts, we can protect your equipment from humidity, extreme climates, water, dust and vibrations.

And if you need electromagnetic shielding, we have particularly clever solutions in the form of specialist racks and enclosures. By using conductive materials to repel electromagnetic interference (EMI), our shielding systems keep your equipment and your valuable data safe. They work just like faraday cages.

But what if you need access to your equipment while it's being transported or stored? Well that’s where our EMC/EMI shielding protective skirts come in, with knitted metal wire sleeves maintaining conductive continuity, even as they allow access.

The problem – and the solution

Electromagnetic fields are now everywhere, and goods being transported can come into contact with various sources of EMI. Voltages from fluctuating electromagnetic fields affect incoming and outgoing data from all kinds of equipment.

To prevent this – and keep your data safe – you need the conductive materials that repel EMI to completely cover your equipment. That coverage simply can’t be compromised. You need 100% electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), even if you need access to your equipment.

But we have the answer.

Our EMC/EMI shielding protective skirts include flexible rubber seals in carefully crafted metal wire sleeves. That way, you don’t lose that all-important conductive continuity – and you don’t lose your data.

Markets we support

Complex electronic equipment is fundamental to more and more companies and markets, including the medical, broadcast and defence sectors.

In the defence industry, the Aircraft Carrier Alliance came to us to help with their specialist EMI shielding requirements. We produced 1,200 protective enclosures for network switches for coordinating aircraft. The most complicated part of the project was creating multiple cable entries, while keeping EMI shielding in place.

But we can only achieve results like these through a real dedication to customising products. Detailed design discussions help us understand your exact needs – and how we can meet them.

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies: take a look at our case studies.