Custom 19" chassis options

The facts

  • Increase the payload your electronic racks can handle
  • Aluminium chassis for maximum durability
  • EasyGlide chassis for easy access to electronics

No matter your industry – broadcast, music, telecoms or even military – our 19" chassis options save you headaches when storing and transporting electronic equipment. 

As technology develops, more industries are required to work in remote, sometimes hazardous locations, where they simply can’t afford for their equipment to let them down. Our 19-inch racks come with a variety of chassis options to increase both the stability and usability of your electronics.

Performance-assured aluminium chassis

Our extruded aluminium 19” rackmount chassis combines precision manufacturing techniques with innovative design, to guarantee outstanding durability. For use inside many of our products – including the ERack, Amazon Rack and SatRack – this chassis can be used by many markets, from the military to broadcasting. 

For those who require bigger payloads, our aluminium chassis means you can store more within your 19-inch rack, without upgrading to heavier steel construction. This minimises the handling risks of your electronics as the chassis has been successfully performance tested to highly demanding MIL-STD 810G levels. This includes the chassis’ ability to function during and after the most challenging shock, vibration and transit scenarios. 

In military environments, electronics are often required to provide vital intel in dangerous environments. This extra chassis protection guarantees peace of mind, meaning you can trust your equipment to work when you need it most.


A practicality upgrade

For those working in the broadcast industry, your 19” rack-mount electronics have cables, buttons or switches that must be accessed regularly. You may also need to regularly switch out electronics and require something easy to use. 

Our EasyGlide is the ultimate solution, saving you time and hassle. It fits into most of our cases and racks, so you can enjoy increased convenience and minimal downtime when maintaining and replacing any rack-mounted electronics. 

Looking for a solution to your transportation requirements? Our different chassis options can be tailored to your unique needs. Whether it’s extra strength and durability or increased practicality, our chassis options cater for all types of electronics and markets. 

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